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About us

You’ll be joining a talented and ambitious team at Xperiome. We are creating a new model of engagement online. Our machine learning technology applies lessons for the first time in niche areas of health. And our team is based in three countries.

If you’re looking to make a dent in the universe at a crucial tipping point in the history of healthcare, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re looking for experienced operators in a number of areas.

Our values are how we get things done at Raremark.

Our values

How we get things done

Intellectual curiosity

Means being open and interested in new ideas and asking “I wonder how that works?” Everyone on the team keeps track of developments in a fast-changing world, both within our business and outside, and we’ll support you to do that.


Means speaking up in an appropriate way. It also means stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new.


Means being prepared to try something new, rather than defend the status quo, just because it’s easier to stay still. Our team has a track record of bringing new ideas for consideration into the business and a willingness to experiment when it makes sense.


Means getting things done on time and to a high standard. Our team has a track record of taking ownership and delivering on their commitments. We have quarterly goals so everyone knows what success looks like.